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Market intelligence

Assessing the market for your product and service offering

Many companies have tried to enter the German market. And quite a few have failed.
The inability to ‘make it’ in Germany is often a result of neglecting the local business culture and the local market structure, as well as underestimating the amount of resources that must be allocated in order to win a meaningful market share.

Our market-intelligence-gathering starts after having gained an understanding of your current goals and plans in the German market. Depending on your objectives, we can then perform the following activities for you, in order to help you define and refine your strategy:

  • Research and assess the potential market for your product or service offering.
    We can provide you with information, such as typical customers, relevant sales and distribution channels, competitive environment, indications of market size, market trends and requirements, relevant media and events.
  • Test the perception of your product or service offering among end-customers and other market participants through a combination of desk research and telephone interviews.
    In this way, you get valuable local feedback.
  • Recommend and discuss the market strategy we believe you could pursue in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (DACH).

We provide hands-on market information, taylored to your needs. We like to get challenged with analyzing markets for high-tech products and services.